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> Please define the terms "forgeable" and "unforgeable" in the 
> synopsis before using them later.

The terms are (will be) defined in the language part of the spec,
and there is already an entry in the NOTES section that defines
what they mean for the moment, since the language part does not
yet exist.  Will that not suffice?

(I don't mind judicious redundancy in the spec, but my
judgement was that this is an occasion for that.  I'm not wedded
to that opinion.)

> Why is name a function instead of a property?  The behavior 
> is the same (I think), but it's harder for the reader to 
> figure out that the name won't change over time.  I'm asking 
> why you chose to describe it as a function while similar 
> things in other chapters are described as properties.

This looks like unfinished cleanup.  It should definitely be
a const property.


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