Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Fri Mar 21 14:01:33 PDT 2008

>> Are you saying eval() and Function constructor are going to
>> be optional?
> They won't be optional in the full language, and any implementation
> intending to serve the web will have to support them.  But there are
> walled garden applications that may not need them but that can still
> make use of the rest of the language.

Offline discussion with Michael has got me to see how concerns such as this 
don't need to become a conflict between what is required for the public web, 
and what may be desirable in more streamlined situations.

I'm now aligned with where the es4 standardization thinking is coming from. 
I will be another voice raising concerns if I see anything that may have 
ramifications that haven't been thought of yet.

Just to understand where I am coming from, I would like to see handheld 
multimedia educational/communication devices in the hands of everyone in the 
developing countries, and anything that increases the resources required on 
such a device concerns me, w.r.t. what that means to humanity. But I can see 
how to deal with moderate amounts of fully-dynamic ES4 code coming off the 
web, AND leverage the development infrastructure that will grow up around 
ES4 at Adobe and elsewhere to develop mission critical parts that can be 
more tightly constrained.

Thanks for your patience -- keep up the good work!


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