ES4 draft LAST CALL: Object

Nathan de Vries nathan at
Fri Mar 21 07:36:56 PDT 2008

I much prefer Yuh-Ruey Chen's suggestion of rolling the last three  
arguments of __createProperty__ into a single bitmask argument:

   public dynamic class Object
     static const READ_ONLY: AttrToken = new AttrToken;
     static const DONT_DELETE: AttrToken = new AttrToken;
     static const DONT_ENUMERATE: AttrToken = new AttrToken;

     intrinsic function __createProperty__(name, value, mask) : void …

   function Foo() {
     this.__createProperty("bar", [], Object.READ_ONLY &  

In terms of extensibility & call-site readability, this seems like  
the way to go for me.


Nathan de Vries

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