Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

Michael O'Brien mob at
Fri Mar 21 00:23:51 PDT 2008

This may be a little off topic for this group, so lets continue this  
offline after this.

The ES4 spec is being written to not preclude off-device compilation.  
After all, that is what AS3 does very well. So both approaches 1) all- 
in-one compile/execution and 2) pre-compile then execute later are  
possible and desirable in different situations.

In our case, sometimes the compilation happens at the development  
phase. In other cases it happens hosted at the server
and can be tailored based on the phone features and capabilities. The  
former being simpler, the latter being more comprehensive.


On Mar 21, 2008, at 12:12 AM, ToolmakerSteve98 wrote:

>> We typically don't need to query the device to select language  
>> features.
> Michael, I think you've missed my main point. You are using an off- 
> device compile phase. THAT'S the "feature" I was talking about.
> I'm trying to understand how that fits into "public web" compliance.  
> If the answer is that you have enough control over the situation to  
> intercede between the phone and the web, then I totally get it. Not  
> a solution I had thought of, but works for me.
> Is that approach agreeable to all the cell phone carriers? (If not,  
> then I'm back to my original "are you sure this is practical?" gut  
> reaction.)
> ~TMSteve

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