Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Fri Mar 21 00:00:00 PDT 2008

> I think you need evidence to justify your gut ("WHOA") reaction.


> I'll be first to admit we need evidence to prove the incremental cost of
> ES4 over ES3 is not excessive, but participants in Ecma TC39 who
> believe this can be done are targeting mobile devices and working on
> real, small footprint implementations right now (e.g. ESC plus
> Tamarin Tracing).

OK, good to hear.

> Anyway, whatever the jump in JS evolution (ES3.1,
> ES4), IMHO there's no "third" way that forces a static language and
> offline/AOT compilation.

Yeah I know. But it seemed worth raising the point at this juncture. I 
appreciate hearing your comments about this, and will take a look at the 
blog posts about dynamic vs. static on the web.

> Why do you believe static typing is necessary for performance? Just
> curious.

Good question. I have a vague impression that the cache size required to 
achieve performance when dynamic typing is significantly larger than JIT-ing 
statically typed code. That is, it either cost performance or memory, and 
the memory cost became unacceptable. But my thinking developed at a time 
when we didn't have so many MBs to throw around. Maybe in an era of 
streaming video, it has become less of an issue.


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