Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Thu Mar 20 23:42:13 PDT 2008

> We are using an off-device compile phase and then running a VM on  device 
> to execute pre-compiled byte code.
> We are running this on standard feature phones using a C based and a  java 
> based VM. Our footprint is < 200K
> to startup. I expect that when we have all the language that this  number 
> will go up to ~350K.
> ...
> So while we have a long way to go to be compliant and fully featured,  I 
> am confident that ES4 can run
> on very modest devices with acceptable performance.

But you got it to run by using an off-device compile phase. Is there going 
to be a W3C spec that goes along with ES4 that says that it is a server's 
responsibility to query the client device, and if the client requests it, to 
perform this phase before sending the information to the client? If so, then 
you've got my attention -- that would work.


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