Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Thu Mar 20 23:15:50 PDT 2008

"ToolmakerSteve98" <toolmakersteve98 at>
> That's what concerns me. To my mind, the next step in logic execution for 
> the web should be strongly biased to favor low power low memory devices. 
> We want complex application logic running on client devices. ALL client 
> devices. Looking at all the technical approaches that have been tried, 
> what would give the most bang for the buck?

I want to underline the last sentence. The question isn't whether the 
language will "run" on a cell phone. The question is whether the language 
will allow that cell phone to maximize the potential of its limited 

I'm not remotely an expert on that; I've just been on a project [ScriptX at 
Kaleida Labs early 90's] that got burned in part by failing to carefully 
make this distinction. Sometimes, a lesser architecture is more appropriate 
in the short term.


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