ES4 Working Group meeting next week (Mt. View)

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Mar 20 22:53:11 PDT 2008

People interested in ES4 are meeting next week Monday through  
Wednesday at Mozilla in Mountain View, CA. Again the schedule  
(revised for May, likely to stick this time) is:

March 24-26 - Mountain View, CA
April 14-18 - Newton, MA
May 19-23   - Vancouver, BC

Agenda for next week includes at least these items:

* Packages and units unification
* Name and namespace details
* Type system issues:
   * formalism (Cormac's work)
   * RI status and bug fixing
   * performance consequences
   * strict mode design
     * particularly in browsers that choose to support it

RSVP to me if you are planning to come next week. Thanks,


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