Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?

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Thu Mar 20 21:32:33 PDT 2008

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> Subject: Any discussion of "compact" subset for mobile devices?
> Wow, there's a lot to ES4. I sort of thought the most 
> important next step in web evolution was the increasing role 
> of mobile devices, and it's hard to imagine all this running 
> on a cell phone any time soon. Adobe's ActionScript
> 3 seems more the right amount of stuff. (Well, I'd personally 
> use a statically-typed language given the power and memory 
> restrictions in order to preserve performance, but that's 
> another topic.)
> Is there a working group discussing possibly standardizing a 
> "compact" subset of ES4?

I don't know what makes you think it is "a lot", but several 
companies that participate in the ES4 work are planning to 
ship on small devices.  And they have been participating in
the work in part to make sure that's possible.

I can only speak for Adobe (if I can even do that); we believe
that ES4 will work in browsers on phones.

Anyhow, subsets are pretty pointless on the public web.  An
implementation that wants to play needs to support the full
language.  ECMAScript 3 has a compact profile (no eval, no
Function constructor, and no "with" statement IIRC) but it
has no relevance at all on the web.


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