Any blogs to help orient me re the reference implementation? contrasting with F#

ToolmakerSteve98 toolmakersteve98 at
Wed Mar 19 14:40:53 PDT 2008

What I know so far is that it is written in ML. And it implements the 
current state of the [spec that I can't see much info on, as mentioned in 
previous post].

Wondering if there is any info beyond the source itself that would give me a 
"big picture" view of what is there, before I start wandering around in the 
depths of the code.

I'm especially interested in the parser. Maybe will be obvious once I start 
looking, but might as well learn what I can the easy way. Bottom-up? 
top-down? grammar notation used? Based on some pre-existing parser 
combinator library?

My immediate goal is to attempt to translate from the preliminary ES4 into 
F#, using an extended-PEG metacompiler similar to Rats!. I want to get a 
grasp on precisely where this dynamic language deviates in semantics from a 
statically typed language using type inference. Well, that will depend on 
test sources fed in, but attempting this translation will tell me a lot.


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