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Tue Mar 18 10:57:06 PDT 2008

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Lars Hansen <lhansen at> wrote:
> (Didn't know who to follow up to so lamely following up to myself.)
>  Straw proposal for debugging information and backtraces in
>  error objects.

>  Issues to watch out for:
>  * Security / privacy problems if debugging information can
>   leak to arbitrary code (realistic attack scenario).
>  * Code that gets to look into the caller's lexical environment
>   is hard to control, makes possibly unwarranted assumptions
>   about the implementation, may preclude tail calls.  So
>   "magic" functionality comes at a cost.
>  Proposal
>  * New property Error.prototype.context, value null
>  * New property Error.prototype.backTrace, value null
>  * When the run-time system throws a standard error object under
>   well-defined circumstances (eg, when it throws a TypeError
>   because a value of an incompatible type is stored in a
>   type-annotated property) then it may, at its discretion,
>   create properties "context" and "backTrace" on the new error
>   object.  The values in these properties will reveal
>   information about the static and dynamic location of the error.

How does the stack trace get set? Given a user-defined Error type -
IllegalDateFormatError - what do callers of the DateFormat have to do
to make functions "capture" the stack trace?

>   The property "backTrace", if not null, must be an array of
>   objects of the same type as stored in "context", representing
>   a stack trace taken at the point of the creation of the error
>   object.  The object at property 0 in "backTrace" represents
>   the innermost stack frame and is the same object that is stored
>   in the "context" property.

Should the stack trace be - backTrace -  or  - stackTrace - ?

>  * New subclass of Error called AssertionError
>  * New expression forms assert(E), assert(E1,E2)

What does this have to do with getting a stack trace?


>  --lars
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