ES4 draft: Object

Peter Hall peter.hall at
Tue Mar 11 10:27:11 PDT 2008

>  The latter. It is weird, I agree. But the enumerator can easily be
>  customized, so I want the default enumerator be as non-magical as
>  possible - and therefore, as simple as possible. In fact, I'm a bit
>  bothered that propertyIsEnumerable is a method of Object yet can be
>  rendered useless when changing the enumerator - along this line of
>  reasoning, one would think that such a specific method shouldn't be a
>  method of Object at all, but rather the enumerator itself.

So how would you go about enumerating the properties of an arbitrary
dynamic object, whose properties could be in namespaces?

>  Yeah, I vaguely remember some discussion concerning multiple namespaces
>  per property a long time ago (maybe a year ago). It was rejected
>  probably due to complexity.

Not being able to combine them effectively makes many of the initial
proposal's use-cases useless, because two use-cases may arise
simultaneously when integrating two codebases, and be irreparably


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