ES4 draft: Object

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Mon Mar 10 18:40:08 PDT 2008

Lars Hansen wrote:
> The feature was approved by the WG and solves a practical problem.
> If another way to solve this practical problem is proposed (in a
> more structured form than in the ongoing discussion) and finds favor
> with the WG, then fine -- of course we can replace it.  Until then,
> this feature stays as it is until the WG can be convinced that it
> needs to be removed.  Personally I think that "it is ugly/abhorrent"
> is a weak basis on which to remove the current feature.

We are the WG.  Are you saying that substantive discussions of your proposals are not welcome?  Not sure what the point of participating is if that's the case.

I'm dealing with a serious insurrection of folks who believe that the ES4 working group has a bad attitude, based on Brendan's public comments and responses to issues like this one.  They're quite visible.


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