ES4 draft last call: line continuation in string and regex literals

Waldemar Horwat waldemar at
Mon Mar 10 18:28:33 PDT 2008

Lars Hansen wrote:
>>> The character sequence BACKSLASH <lineterminator> (where 
>>> <lineterminator> will be one of the characters LF, LS, or PS) is 
>>> removed from string literals delimited by either single or triple 
>>> SINGLEQUOTE or DOUBLEQUOTE characters. (Triple-quoting is 
>> defined in 
>>> [5].)
>> This states that:
>> "abc\\
>> tde"
>> evaluates to the string "abc<tab>de".
>> Is this really what we want?  I'd find such nested escape 
>> sequences really strange.
> That looks like an illegal token to me, since the lexer will read "a"
> "b" "c" "\" and then see an unescaped linefeed.
> Since the speclet states nothing about changing the way strings are
> lexed, normal escape character processing should be in effect, and that
> dictates that \\ is processed into \ independently of what follows.

It's what we all want.  As written, that's not what it states.  This isn't ready to go in until this bug is corrected.


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