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> On 10/03/2008, Lars Hansen <lhansen at> wrote:
> > Draft 2 of the spec for the Object class.  Changelog near 
> the beginning.
> ~~<intrinsic::toString ( )>~~
> The intrinsic toString method returns the concatenation of 
> "[", "object", the class name of the object, and "]".
> ~~~~
> There should probably be a whitepace between "object" and the 
> class name, as is the case in the implementation.

There should.  Corrected.

> ~~<intrinsic::valueOf ( )>~~
> If the object is the result of calling the Object constructor 
> with a host object (Host objects), it is 
> implementation-defined whether valueOf returns its this value 
> or another value such as the host object originally passed to 
> the constructor.
> ~~~~
> "(Host objects)" looks a bit weird like that. Should probably 
> be either "(see Host objects)" analogously to how you later 
> use "(see HasProperty-defn)" or reference style, "[Host objects]"


> ~~<intrinsic::isPrototypeOf ( value )>~~ The function 
> magic::getPrototype extracts the [[Prototype]] property from 
> the object. See magic:getPrototype.
> ~~~~
> And here a reference to documentation elsewhere. Probably 
> should try to be consistent about how those look. I assume 
> these are going to be links in the finished spec?

The primary format of the final spec is word and/or pdf, so
I don't know about links there.  I hope that we can release 
an HTML version too, and obviously it would be good if there
could be good hyperlinking there.  I would like to promise
all of that but I am not going to do it.  However, there 
will at least be proper references to the sections that define
the magic functions.

In general the specification of the magic functions is somewhat
unstructured at present.  I appreciate this reminder about that :-)


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