server-side ECMAScript 4?

ToolmakerSteve toolmakersteve98 at
Sun Mar 9 14:20:59 PDT 2008

Michael O'Brien-4 wrote:
> We will be using our ES4 implementation server side. Mainly for  
> embedded uses, but it could apply more broadly.
> We have a server side page technology like ASP -- called ESP.
> ...
> we have had to add quite a bit of extra
> library code suitable for server side processing.
> What kind of server side were you interested in?

Small Business Web Hosting including data base.
Low development cost more important than maximum scalability.
Emphasis on client ability to maintain website [after initial deployment]
using lower-skilled people as much as possible, to lower lifetime costs.

Sticking closely to mainstream software wherever possible, in hopes of
marketing broadly to other web developers. Specifically, compatibility with
Adobe tools for web designers; otherwise standards and open source.

My current thinking is that the base server side infrastructure can be
completely open source. I think there are enough open source pieces out
there to pull that off. If so, could gather strong momentum that wouldn't be
possible if not open source. Make revenue by customized add-ons on top of
the open source base, combined with consulting services in utilizing the
total solution.

If your company identified a server-side base layer that it could make sense
to you to open source, that would be a discussion of interest to me.


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