ES4 draft: Namespace

zwetan zwetan at
Sat Mar 8 20:58:50 PST 2008

do I understand well that E4X will be removed from ES4 ???

this is so wrong i can not even believe it...

try to parse XML in .NET/Java/PHP/whatever...
the ONLY elegant and straightforward way to do it is E4X imho

but ok let's stay on the standard and on the web,
look at how browsers parse XML without E4X

see why those projects exists

yeah that's the reality in browsers XML parsing sucks
because every browser does its own cooking...

so again, even if the E4X spec is buggy etc.
would it not be better to keep E4X and/or try to improve it within ES4 ?

I know this ML is focused on specs,
but I can really not understand why something as E4X
which is easy and powerfull to use for any dev would be removed


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