server-side ECMAScript 4?

Michael O'Brien mob at
Sat Mar 8 19:57:40 PST 2008

We will be using our ES4 implementation server side. Mainly for  
embedded uses, but it could apply more broadly.
We have a server side page technology like ASP -- called ESP. This  
simply processes <% code %> sequences and
effectively converts the web page into javascript code that is then  
processed. We've used this in our Appweb embedded
web server for quite a while, but the javascript language was very  
limited. Still it has worked well.

Upgrading to ES4 will give a very sweet server side environment. Of  
course, we have had to add quite a bit of extra
library code suitable for server side processing.

What kind of server side were you interested in?

Michael O'Brien
Mbedthis Software

On Mar 8, 2008, at 3:14 PM, ToolmakerSteve98 wrote:

> Are there any Open Source projects to develop server-side ECMAScript  
> 4?
> I'm in preliminary stages of locating (or starting if none exists) a  
> project to use Tamarin/ActionScript 3 on both server and client.  
> This would naturally evolve into ES4 once that is final.
> Researching to see what exists.
> My tentative thought is to adapt Whitebeam
> from SpiderMonkey to Tamarin. This would provide an XML-based Web  
> Application Server.
> Targeting Flash Player 9 on the client side, as a rich media  
> platform. (and Flash Lite 2 on mobile devices -- looking forward to  
> a future version with AS3 support).
> If anyone has an interest, or any relevant information, please let  
> me know.
> ~ToolmakerSteve
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