ES4 process tweaks

Jeff Dyer jodyer at
Sat Mar 8 16:37:23 PST 2008


Now that feature specs are starting to flow, we should pin down the process
for reviewing these specs. Here is a proposal.

The basic elements of the process:

- Spec distribution
- Discussion by email
- Tickets for open issues
- Last call for comments
- Live discussion at monthly F2F meetings
- Phone calls as needed

Key points:

- Individual feature specs distributed by implementer/designer as discussed

- Discussion carried out on es4-discuss so that everyone has a voice and
there is a full record of the discussion.

- Unresolved issues get recorded in Trac tickets and linked from the
relevant feature spec

- Last call for comments just to mark the end of the discussion and give
everyone a chance to weigh in. No doubt as the feature specs get woven
together new issues will become apparent. This milestone is simply to agree
on what the known issues are at a specific point in time.

- F2F meetings should be primarily for drafting specs and having "last call"
discussions. It will be good to limit the review discussions as much as
possible to es4-discuss so that everyone is included.

- Phone meetings should be scheduled only as needed. They neither have the
visibility of es4-discuss nor the bandwidth of the F2F meetings, and so
don't serve our current communication needs well.



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