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Fri Mar 7 12:22:03 PST 2008

<< FIXME   Need to check a detail of the type system, namely whether
Vector.<T> is a subtype of Vector.<U> if T is a subtype of U and U is
not *. >>

It shouldn't be.  Consider Bar <: Foo, Baz <: Foo:

let baz:Vector.<Baz> = new Vector.<Baz>();
let foo:Vector.<Foo> = baz; // allowed if Vector.<Baz> is considered a
subtype of Vector.<Foo>
foo.add(new Bar());
let bazItem:Baz = baz.get(0); // type error!

Other comments:

push() is missing "length++;"

sort() is missing "return this;"

I think that the first for loop in unshift() should read
    for ( let i=1 ; i <= oldlimit ; i++ )
        this[newlimit-i] = this[oldlimit-i];
also, "return newlength;" should be
    length = newlimit;
    return length;
assuming that the length setter only sets the length property, without
setting any default values (otherwise it would need to be moved up to
before the for loops).

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I enclose a slightly incomplete/rough draft for the Vector class.
Please comment.


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