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Thu Mar 6 14:00:50 PST 2008

It depends on whether we care about object identity or not for immutable
objects like Name that don't have special support from the language (eg
in comparison operators).  Useful question, though.  I will ponder it.


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	Lars Hansen wrote: 

		Name (a, b=...)


		The Name class object called as a function creates a new
Name object by passing its arguments a and b to the Name constructor. 


		The Name class object called as a function returns a
Name object. 


		static meta function invoke(a, b=undefined): Name
		    new Name(a, b);

	If a is already a Name, shouldn't Name(a) simply return a? Not
sure what the policy on this is, but if you've changed Map to work
similarly, then I don't see why not here as well.
	-Yuh-Ruey Chen

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