Triple quoted strings

Steven Mascaro subs at
Thu Mar 6 03:16:42 PST 2008

On 06/03/2008, Michael Daumling <mdaeumli at> wrote:

> Well, I do find the feature useful...
 >  I have seen a lot of scripts that contain multiline strings. Yes, you
 >  can used escaped newlines, but triple-quoting is definitely much more
 >  useful. For what it's worth, triple-quoting is syntactic sugar, but the
 >  sugar
 >  1) is easy to describe and implement,
 >  2) does not add ugly stuff to the language,
 >  3) makes multiline strings much more readable.

Is there a reason why single-quote strings can't simply be made
multiline in ES4? This would be backwards compatible and wouldn't
exclude the use of triple-quoted strings (or heredoc).

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