ES4 draft: Namespace

Michael Daumling mdaeumli at
Wed Mar 5 23:23:48 PST 2008

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the decision to not support E4X in
ES4. Would this decision not Break The Web, as E4X has been an integral
part of SpiderMonkey for a long time?

Anyway, what advantage does the hiding of the prefix and name properties
have? Shouldn't we at least be aware of possible E4X users on the Web,
and stay as compliant to E4X, even if ES4 does not support E4X?

FYI: Adobe products are not The Web (but Flash is), but they integrate
either ActionScript, SpiderMonkey or ExtendScript, and all languages
support E4X.

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Namespace objects represent reflected namespaces.  Here's the (short)
draft spec.

Comments welcome.


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