ES4 draft: Name

Yuh-Ruey Chen maian330 at
Wed Mar 5 21:54:43 PST 2008

Lars Hansen wrote:
>       Name (a, b=…)
> *Description*
> The |Name| class object called as a function creates a new |Name| 
> object by passing its arguments /a/ and /b/ to the |Name| constructor.
> *Returns*
> The |Name| class object called as a function returns a |Name| object.
> *Implementation*
> static meta function invoke(a, b=undefined): Name
>     new Name(a, b);

If a is already a Name, shouldn't Name(a) simply return a? Not sure what 
the policy on this is, but if you've changed Map to work similarly, then 
I don't see why not here as well.

-Yuh-Ruey Chen
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