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Just \ would work if we're happy with not allowing its use at the end of
a line.  A little dodgy, syntactically, IMO.  I've advocated "\\" in the
past, which by normal lexing rules would be unambiguous by the
longest-token lexing rule.
("/." is ambiguous, consider 3/.5.)


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	I'll vote for that also. It improves readability quite a bit.
	But is there a better operator than "\"?
	Shame "//" is taken.  What about  "/."
	Lars Hansen wrote: 

		I have been pushing for this in the past on several
occasions, but enthusiasm in the WG has been scant, unfortunately.
Maybe I haven't been pushing hard enough.


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			Is it too late to propose an integer division
operator into the spec? I do quite a bit of WSH programming in both
VBScript an JScript and sometimes its a bit of an irritant during a
translation, it would be nice to see this operator "\" available in the
new ECMAScript instead of having to rely on more inefficient
			Dim result
			result = 19 \ 4 '(result = 4)


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