ES4 draft meta-issues

Lars Hansen lhansen at
Wed Mar 5 14:27:33 PST 2008

For some drafts coming this week, the following
information will also be useful.

The specification makes use of a predefined namespace
"magic".  This namespace is reserved in the specification
but not in any actual implementation of the language.
It is used only to tag top-level functions that are
implementation hooks.  The hooks provide functionality
that is not available in the language, for example,
accessing the internal [[prototype]] property of objects.

Magic functions are defined by prose for the moment;
it is probablye that they will be (partly?) exposed as
SML fragments later, in the style of the semantic functions
we're planning for other parts of the spec.

The specification also makes use of a type EnumerableId,
which is a union type that currently looks like this:

  type EnumerableId = (int | uint | string | Name)


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