Type Parameters are Completely Unnecessary

Darryl psygnisfive at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 23:42:25 PST 2008

Brendan Eich said:

<< This is clearly false. Type safety depends on
specified language  
design (e.g. covariant argument subtyping in early
Eiffel), not on  
implementation. But I am not sure we are speaking the
same language,  
so I'll stop here. >>

Ofcourse you have languages that mix the two. But as a
programmer I don't _care_ about how you achieve it,
and hence I don't think that it should impact syntax.
The two _should_ be separate. If you want to do
compile-time stuff to maintain type safety, go right
ahead, but I don't see any reason why I should have to
concern myself with this distinction.


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