Type Parameters are Completely Unnecessary

Darryl psygnisfive at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 23:24:09 PST 2008

<< The benefits of a compile-time check over a runtime
check include
performance and type safety. >>

As a JS programmer I can't see any way in which you
can compile-time check anything other than a static
collection, and thus I can't see how this would be of
any benefit at all performance wise. As for type
safety, that's an implementation problem afaic, not a
design problem. As a programmer, I don't care how you
get it to be type safe, I care about how good the
language is to code in, and Set.<Number> is the kind
of thing that's going to make the language unappealing
to me. The only reason I don't switch is because,
well, what to? JS has a monopoly on in-browser language.


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