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Following up to myself: 

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> > Why does get return null instead of undefined when it fails 
> > to find an instance?
> No good reason that I can think of.  I think undefined is at 
> least as sensible; will fix.

Actually, it was for Java compatibility (the API is modelled on
Java, but imperfectly).  No matter.

> > A version of get with a second parameter X that returns X when the 
> > value isn't present would be useful.
> I agree, and that parameter could be optional and default to 
> undefined.  Will fix.

There is actually a problem with an arbitrary optional parameter, 
and the problem also comes up if -- as somebody sent me private
mail about -- we want put() to return the previous value for the
key, if there is one.  For strict mode we probably would like
get() to be declared to returning V or at most (V|undefined).
So X would be constrained likewise.

In summary, this seems reasonably simple:

  function get(key:K, default:(V|undefined)=undefined):(V|undefined) ...

  function put(key:K, value:V,
default:(V|undefined)=undefined):(V|undefined) ...

with the proviso that if the table may associate K with the
value undefined then the programmer has to be careful and
use "has".


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