early reporting of malformed regex literals

Lars Hansen lhansen at adobe.com
Sat Jun 28 01:13:17 PDT 2008

It's reasonably clear that reporting errors at scanning time will affect
current web content negatively.  It's not clear it breaks non-web
implementations (like ActionScript).  The option of reporting it early
might be OK to keep, but IMO it could probably be removed without much
hardship to anyone.  I don't know why it would be important to remove
the option, though.


In my opinion strict mode should not be about changes to the language
syntax but about improving run-time error checking, so I don't think
it's reasonable to require an early error report in strict mode.  I do
see the value of doing so, but leaving syntax out of strict mode is more
valuable to me.




PS.  I'll be replying to mail only intermittently during the next three



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Subject: early reporting of malformed regex literals


In your comments on the June 11, ES3.1 draft you said:


p22 7.8.  Unacceptable change: The requirement to signal regular

expression syntax errors at scanning time breaks existing programs.

(The justification ("since the arguments are the same every tine[sic],

..." appears to have no bearing on that and should be removed in any



If the existing browser implementations don't do this, would you agree
it would be better to simply eliminate the scanning time option?


Presumably, it would be acceptable to require early report in an opt-in
"strict mode"

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