Off topic: teaching ES 4

Keryx Web webmaster at
Thu Jun 26 15:08:20 PDT 2008

Please forgive me for being off topic. To lessen the nuisance please 
answer me off-list.

I have been assigned to work with DOM Scripting courses for higher 
education by the Web Standards Project EduTF. I am looking for three things:

1. Writings (and talks/slides/blog posts) about ES 4 from a pedagogic 
perspective. (The reason I am addressing this list.)

2. Writings about current and future ECMAScript (and the DOM) from a 
computer science perspective. (Quite hard to find actually.)

3. Opinions about a few books I have not read myself:
a. Are they teaching best practice, unobtrusive "DOM-scripting"?
b. Are they targeted at newbies, intermediate or advanced developers?

Lars Gunther
Going back to lurking...

BTW if you want yto help me with question 3, the books are:

* Learning JavaScript (Shelley Powers, O'Reilly, 2006)
* Head First JavaScript (Michael Morrison, O'Reilly, 2008)
* Beginning JavaScript (Programmer to Programmer) (Paul Wilton and 
Jeremy McPeak, Wrox, 2007) Smells dubious from its table of contents but 
- as I've said - comments are welcome
* JavaScript(TM) Step by Step (Steve Suehring, Microsoft Press, 2008) 
Late publication date, but is the author really a web developer?
* Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, 4th Edition (Michael 
Moncur, Sams, 2006)
* Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (Wrox Professional Guides) 
(Nikolas Zakas, Wrox, 2005)
* Practical JavaScript, DOM Scripting and Ajax Projects (Frank Zammetti, 
APress, 2007)

AJAX specific books.

* Adding Ajax (Shelley Powers, O'Reilly, 2007)
* Unobtrusive Ajax (Short Cut series) (Jesse Skinner, O'Reilly, 2007)
* Head First Ajax (Rebecca M. Riordan, O'Reilly, 2008) Will be published 
in July
* Ajax Design Patterns (O'Reilly, 2006) Maybe better in DS 3 ?
* Ajax: The Definitive Guide (Anthony T. Holdener III, O'Reilly, 2008)
* Advanced Ajax: Architecture and Best Practices (Shawn M. Lauriat, 
Prentice Hall, 2007)
* Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web 
Applications (David W. Johnson, Alexei White and Andre Charland, 
Prentice Hall, 2007)
* Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet 
Applications (Joshua Eichorn, Prentice Hall, 2006)
* Ajax for Web Application Developers (Kris Hadlock, Sams, 2006)

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