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On Jun 9, 2008, at 6:25 PM, Pratap Lakshman (VJ#SDK) wrote:

> I'll fix my usage of 'function' in the steps.
> Presently, top-level generics are not there in ES3.1. I had brought  
> this up when discussing String generics (refer the thread "ES3.1  
> Draft: String generics"); I am using the same rationale for not  
> including top level Array generics too.

Hi Pratap,

I missed this rationale extension and wanted to point out that  
there's a difference between String generics and Array generics that  
is substantial: the String.prototype.slice, etc., methods all call  
ToString on the value of "this", requiring conversion to string from  
non-String object (ES3 sense) types. But the Array generics do not  
convert. So it's possible and useful to call:, begin, end)

for example. That's the motivation for the static-generic shorter  
forms, e.g.:

Array.slice(nodeList, begin, end)


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>> Garrett,
>> I apologize.
>> I was not ignoring you. Yes, I am interested in feedback!
> OK, but you seem to have misunderstood me.
>> The initial Array generics proposal did not include the thisObj  
>> param as it was felt that it could open the door to some security  
>> issues. We were even contemplating cutting Array generics from  
>> ES3.1 altogether. Later, based on feedback from many of us on the  
>> discuss lists, we are going back to specifying the Array Generics  
>> to include the "thisObj" param; these generics will be available  
>> on Array.prototype. I am currently revising the proposal, and it  
>> will include the following:
>> Array.prototype.indexOf
>> Array.prototype.lastIndexOf
>> Array.prototype.every
>> Array.prototype.some
>> Array.prototype.forEach
>> Array.prototype.filter
>> and also,
>> Array.prototype.reduce
>> Array.prototype.reduceRight
> I meant the top-level generics:
> Array.forEach(arrayLike, fn);
> It was not my argument for:
> Array.prototype.forEach(fn[, thisArg]);
> The thisArg was what Erik had brought up.
> The other question was regarding the:
> "If Type(callbackfn) is not a function, throw a TypeError exception."
> ES 3.0 doesn't define "Function" as a Type. In fact, the spec often
> uses: If "x is a Function". There is: "if Type(x) is Number", but not
> "if Type(x) is Function". That is why I asked if ES 3.1 defines
> Function for Type(). Does it?
> ES 3.1: Type, section 8
> If ES 3.0 had forEach, it would probably have read something along the
> lines of one of:
> 1) If callbackfn does not implement [[Call]], throw a TypeError.
> 2) If callbackfn is not a function, throw a TypeError.
>> I am not sure how you got unsubscribed; there must be some mistake!
> I don't know either. Is there a link to get back on?
> Garrett
>> pratap
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