Member Ordering

Douglas Crockford douglas at
Thu Jun 5 10:10:00 PDT 2008

This is a surprisingly complicated subject. I do not think we can bring this to 
a successful conclusion and still meet the deadlines for ES3.1. So we should 
defer this issue to ES3.14, which will give us an additional 6 months to work 
out Object's Rules of Order.

In the meantime, I think ES3.1 should retain ES3's unordered language. There 
isn't time to do anything else.

The most compelling use case for a standard ordering is testing. ES3.1 will 
provide some convenience there. The Object.keys(object, fast) function will 
produce an array of strings from the names of the object's own, enumerable keys. 
When the fast parameter is falsy, the keys will be sorted. The array of keys can 
be used with the new array methods to produce a string that can be easily tested 
for success.

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