Opt-in versioning

Jon Zeppieri jaz at bu.edu
Mon Jul 21 18:14:01 PDT 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 8:58 PM, Michael Haufe <TNO at thenewobjective.com> wrote:
> So let me see if I understand this argument correctly.

I generally agree with what you've written here -- just a couple of comments...

> If I want the benefits of this blocking, does that mean I have to give
> up some of my shorthand?
> (a === b) ? true : false;
> How would the block work in this case?

Not sure what you're getting at here.  What block are you referring to?

> The JavaScript 1.7 let statement is already the better block we need,
> and instead of being a generic solution like the one you've suggested,
> it has flexibility and doesn't force me to change the way I already code
> things:

I'm partial to the let statement, too, but you should know that it's
not being proposed for either ES3.1 or ES4.  But yes, it makes the
scope of the let-bound variables perfectly clear -- let vs. let*
binding semantics aside.  (Does the JS1.7 let statement bind
sequentially or in parallel?)


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