Proposed ES4 draft 2

Jeff Dyer jodyer at
Mon Jul 14 17:15:31 PDT 2008

These documents are now available on the wiki in HTML as well as PDF


On 7/11/08 4:59 PM, Jeff Dyer wrote:

> Enclosed is an update to the draft ES4 specs. This includes revisions of the
> introduction, grammar and core-language specs of draft 1 (16-May) as well as
> an initial draft of the library spec.
> Also included are files that show the differences between draft 1 and draft 2
> specs. There have been substantial changes to the text of the core-language
> spec and so the difference file for that spec is quite noisy. Two changes that
> contribute significantly to the noise are the renaming of "rib" to "fixture
> map", and the simplification of the name resolution algorithms (in particular
> reducing the required number of search passes from two to one).
> These specs should be the basis for technical discussions of ES4 on
> es4-discuss and at the July 23 Oslo meeting.
> Enjoy!
> Jd
> [Patrick, please assign appropriate document numbers and post to the internal
> TC39 repository. Thanks!]

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