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I do not  believe that ECMA has the "two interoperable implementations"  
rule  that the IETF and W3C have, but since ECMAScript is a standard of   
equal important to the Web, I think we should adopt this rule for  any  
future edition of ECMAScript. Such a rule is needed precisely to  avoid  
such casual breakage relative to Web reality. Can we make that  a  
binding TC39 resolution?

While it is true that no such rule exists in Ecma, it has been used in work  
I am familiar with (optical storage) within TC 31.  Early work on MO  storage 
resulted in TC 31 agreeing that at least two implementations must  demonstrate 
interoperability before approval of the standard.  This meant  that both disk 
manufacturers and drive manufacturers had to work together to  demonstrate 
that the product resulting from the standard would work  together.  The 
committee always followed this rule without question, and  the CC and GA of Ecma did 
not interfere with its implementation.
We can add this subject to discussion at Oslo, but this is a question that  I 
would put to an internal vote of TC 31 since it has wider impact than may be  
represented in Oslo.

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