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Lars Hansen lhansen at
Thu Feb 28 07:00:42 PST 2008

A couple of notes about the spreadsheet.

I renamed that category to "Array and tuple types" (since they are
really the same thing).

I went through the entire ticket database today and marked up all 
the categories in the spreadsheet with ticket references where that
made sense to me.  (This caused a small number of new categories
to be created.  Some categories need to be merged.  Yet others
might still be split.)  Since I mostly went by the title of the ticket
I may have missed some connections; some tickets started out as one
thing and morphed to another.  I assume we'll find these by and by. 

What remains for the spreadsheet is to unearth significant issues in 
the e-mail discussions and the minutes (or other non-proposal
wiki docs) that are currently not recorded in the spreadsheet.  
Discussions in the wiki docs can be referenced directly.  Anything
in email needs to be ticketized (ticketed?) before it goes
anywhere.  Please refrain from creating any new proposals except
in extreme circumstances.  Good ideas should not be suppressed, but
what design time we have left we probably need to spend on cleaning up
the language we have.

Regarding "voting", the columns I created are meant to represent
implementer sentiment and/or priority.  Nothing is meant to imply
that the "vote" is binding.

(The left part of the spreadsheet tracks implementations by name.
The right part asks for sentiment by company.  Most companies have
only one implementation so it's unambighous, but I don't know what
the situation is at Google, whether there are more than Rhino.) 


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> > Most of the categories are quite fine-grained in the spreadsheet.   
> > The other kinds of types are in there, so tuples should be listed  
> > as well or the entry renamed "Array and Tuple types".  It's mighty  
> > confusing otherwise.
> Renaming to elaborate is ok by me, but "tuple" is confusing too.  
> There is no tuple type in JS (we passed up an opportunity doing ES1,  
> Guy Steele pointed to it so we could mourn jointly: we kept the C  
> comma operator instead of reserving it for tuple expressions).  
> "tuple" in the ES 4 sense is an Array structural type of length > 1,  
> guaranteeing at least those fixture types at the given element  
> positions. It's still a kind of Array structural type.
> /be
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