ES4 implementation process, teams, and meetings

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Mon Feb 25 18:59:43 PST 2008

I think the important point to keep in mind here is that we need to move
forward to sound specs based on commercial implementation. The burden is
on those who "understand" the proposals + trac + RI to translate them
into implementation and spec for others to evaluate. This is a short
step forward for all but the deepest proposals. For the more fundamental
changes, the proposal format has and will continue to be unsatisfactory.

To address some of the concerns expressed last week, Lars has updated
John Resig's ES4 status spreadsheet at

He has added references to some of the materials supporting each
feature. We also intend to add a column to indicate the bakedness of
each feature.

For people who are more interested in self-standing specs, some will be
coming in the next few weeks.


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> Brendan Eich wrote:
> > Thanks for understanding. Now with that in mind, please re-read
> > post and mine. We are talking about working intensively in the next
> > three months on both specs and implementation. Now is the time to
> > up. Apple was /hors de combat/ for a long time in Ecma TC39. Kicking
> > legs out from under the table and pointing at the floor is not good
> > citizenship in my book, whatever our (real) failings in keeping
> > proto-specs up to date.
> This is getting a little too belligerent.
> Maciej has a point which several of us share.  For things that haven't
> been discussed actively, I too have little idea about what their
status is
> or where is the correct place to look for the current understanding of
> their design.  This became a problem when we went from using proposals
> relying on individual trac tickets.  I think we should go back to
> maintaining proposals.
>     Waldemar
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