implementation dependencies (was Re: ES4 work)

Michael O'Brien mob at
Fri Feb 22 08:38:36 PST 2008

What about the actual content sections?

We want the same look and feel over the text -- what perspectives do you 
need covered in describing a feature. Do you have a sample?


Graydon Hoare wrote:
> Brendan Eich wrote:
>>>>> I'll start the ball rolling with writing up some notes on Program
>>>>> Units, use unit and unit dependencies. Brendan/Jeff: what format
>>>>> would you like these notes in?
>>> You missed this question above.
>> No, I ducked :-). Lars is editor with Jeff assisting and (as always) 
>> maintaining the grammar; I would appreciate Graydon's thoughts too.
> *Shrug* I'm not picky. I think Lars has been working more in HTML, and 
> that's what I hope most of the spec-writing will happen in, just 
> because it's real easy to render, edit, version control and such. But 
> plaintext or some flavour of wikitext is also convenient. Word docs 
> less so, though I think they're the final target form ECMA wants. And 
> of course there are our more academic members who feel more at home in 
> LaTeX. Whatever floats your boat. It's relatively easy to 
> interconvert, either way.
> -Graydon

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