AOP Compatibility

Kris Zyp kris at
Thu Feb 21 09:45:03 PST 2008

> Another thought: does ES4 provide enough introspection capability to 
> write proxy objects that wrap an immutable class instance?  It seems  as 
> though it should be possible to create a single class (with * 
> getter/setter functions) that can wrap any object, emulate its  interface 
> and provide AOP advice capabilities.  If this is indeed  possible, would 
> that prove useful for the situations Kris is  concerned about?

That is good question. It wouldn't truly solve the problem. When you call 
dojo.connect to request that your method add advice/a listener, the caller 
doesn't expect that it is going to be told that it should no longer use the 
original class instance, but rather a proxy. But this could still mitigate 
the problem. At least users could proxy class instances such that they are 
advisable in the same way their ol' dynamic ES3 objects were.
I don't know if their is sufficient introspection capability though, I would 
love to know if that is possible.

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