ES3.1 Proposal Working Draft

Adam Peller apeller at
Wed Feb 20 13:00:15 PST 2008

>Each of us has some pet addition we think would be a great addition to
>the language. "const", "decimal", getters and setters, destructing
>assignment -- all these have come up just this morning!. Each of these
>makes the language larger and more complex, imposing a general diffuse
>cost on everyone.

Mark, as I recall, the discussion at the March meeting in Newton involved
implementing decimal arithmetic in ES3.1 to *replace* the floating point
implementation in ES3, thus "no new syntax".  Yes, this would have
unexpected results for those who actually have code logic which expects a
value of "46.19" pounds, in Mike's example (see Numbers thread) but the
benefits here seemed to far outweigh this discrepancy.  I can't speak to
the technical level of detail that Mike can, but at a high level it's seen
as a bug by the vast majority of users, and for all practical purposes,
that's what it is.
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