New RI build available

Graydon Hoare graydon at
Wed Feb 13 17:08:33 PST 2008


Dave Herman has prepared some new binary builds of the the ES4 RI and 
made them available for download at:

Please report any bugs you find in this release with the ES4 bug 
tracking system, and we'll endeavor to fix them:

This release covers the cumulative set of fixes, enhancements, and 
adjustments to track spec discussions since October. Full details can be 
found in the bug tracker, but the summary entry in the HISTORY file follows:

- Newly supported constructs:
   - Super expressions
   - Like types
   - Wrappers (preliminary)
   - Slice expressions
   - __ES4__::Map.<K,V>
   - __ES4__::Vector.<T>
   - __ES4__::hashcode()
   - __ES4__::DecimalContext, new decimal pragma
   - uint32ops::*

- Corrected behavior:
   - Overhaul type system to conform to "valleyscript" model
   - Strictness pragmas
   - Cyclic type term prevention
   - Type parameter scoping
   - Property enumeration order
   - Builtin prototype chains
   - Builtin constructors
   - Builtin conversions
   - Builtin non-magic wrapper types
   - Prototype property shadowing
   - Scope rules for let expressions
   - Arithmetic rules
   - Function self-name binding
   - Union types use "|" rather than ","
   - Regexp character class bug
   - Hoisting bug
   - Property-enumerability bug
   - Nullability enforcement
   - REPL error handling


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