Extracting getters and setters

Michael O'Brien mob at mbedthis.com
Wed Feb 6 13:05:37 PST 2008

Question about getters and setters.  Can you assign a getter / setter to 
a var and invoke later?  i.e. can you extract a getter/setter method?


class Shape {
    function get width(): int {
       return 1;

    function set width(value: int): void {

    /* Does this assign the getter or setter */
    var fun = width

var s: Shape = new Shape

ASC will extract the getter. But what should ES4 do? How can you extract 
the getter or the setter or both?

Under the hood, is the width getter/setter to be stored as one property 
or 2 and what is the property name?


Michael O'Brien

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