ES3.1 Draft: 15 Dec 2008 version available

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Thanks for bringing this to my notice.
I'll be sending you an alternate PDF file offline. Please let me know if it renders any better.


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Pratap Lakshman (VJ#SDK) scripsit:
> I have uploaded to the wiki (link<>) the 15 Dec 2008 draft of the specification for ES3.1. This is in the form of in-place edits and markups to the ES3 specification. Revision history is at the end of the document.

Could whoever or whatever prepares these PDFs please start embedding
the necessary fonts?  When I open the PDF on my vanilla Ubuntu Hardy
workstation, I get some nearly illegible blocky font with a very low
x-height and giant capitals.  The only thing I can read is the comments
in the margin, which are in Times Roman or some similar serif font.

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