Allen's lambda syntax proposal

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Fri Dec 5 11:47:53 PST 2008

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>In other words, "let" is the new "var", but "lambda" is less than the
>new "function" and more than the new block. That's why I argued
>against David-Sarah's otherwise very pleasant pattern for writing an
>enhanced object literal to express high integrity class-like

In which case perhaps we should abandon this style of lambda and work harder at developing a concise construct that is a reformed function.

I'll have to hunt down David-Sarah's proposal which I haven't seen as this is a direction for object literals is something I have also thought about and found attractive.

Given, the nature of the language we have (as opposed to the language we wish we had) I might choose class-like abstractions based upon object literals over conflicting features for support concise expression of control abstraction.


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