Allen's lambda syntax proposal

Felix felix8a at
Thu Dec 4 17:44:09 PST 2008

Brendan Eich wrote:
> If we have to go to one character, though, I'd rather we use an ASCII 
> punctuation character, for the reasons given (hard to type, slight 
> incompatibility). But you λ fans need to help me here: how does one type 
> λ on a Mac laptop? How about on a standard Windows machine? Pick a Linux 
> and lay the clues on there, too.

you can add a greek keyboard to your input methods,
and set up a kb shortcut to switch easily.

like, for mac osx:
   system preferences, international, input menu.
   enable greek keyboard.
   enable "show input menu in menu bar".

   click on "keyboard shortcuts".
   in "input menu", enable "select the next input source",
   assign it a shortcut that doesn't conflict with anything you use,
   like maybe option-space.

   then, to type lambda,
   type option-space until you're at the greek flag,
   then type lowercase-L (on u.s. qwerty),

windows is pretty similar to osx, it's in "regional and language options"

I think modern linux is also similar, but I'm not near one at the moment.

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