Allen's lambda syntax proposal

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>  On Dec 2, 2008, at 5:31 AM, Aaron Gray wrote:
>>  i still prefer 'lambda (a,b,c) { ... }' as it is readable to the
>>> uninitiated and can then at least give a handle for someone to lookup.
>> I think the truly uninitiated would not find "lambda" any more obvious  in
>> meaning than "\" or "||".
> People can google "lambda" they cannot google "\", or "||". Also keywords
> seem better suited to Javascript syntax.
> Aaron

Is the argument that the uninitiated should be able understand complex code
concepts via a google search of the thing that they don't understand?

There are already all kinds of things that one couldn't understand via a
simple google search for something in the code, and which people of various
levels of experience might experience:  Object literals come to mind or "||"
and "&&" as guard/default, "?" as ternary if, or even "++" or "%=" and there
are plenty more things which might or might not have a readily identifiable
thing to allow someone to google for like default values, coercion rules, or
scoping concepts.

Google is an excellent tool, but I don't think that it's necessarily a great
way to interpret code into something understandable to the uninitiated.
 Doesn't seem like a good deciding factor.

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