Proposal: opt-out local scoping

Dave Herman dherman at
Thu Aug 28 12:29:44 PDT 2008

> Cool. Would there be a 'global' for each module (for some
> interpretation of "module" but assuming each module has its own
> separate top-level lexical scope, as appears to be the growing
> concensus)?

My intention was for the `use lexical scope' mini-proposal to be 
orthogonal to any module proposal. This would be a design question for 
modules, not for `use lexical scope'.

I wouldn't treat `global' as anything special, nothing more than part of 
the standard library. To that end, one module proposal might start 
modules out in a completely empty environment, where you could import 
the standard library explicitly (which would include `global'); another 
module proposal might start modules out in a default environment that 
contains the standard library (which would include `global'). But for 
various reasons I'm not ready to start discussing modules with people.

> Would that really satisfy Erik's use case? He seemed to think that
> doing, at the top level --
>   var global = this;
>   function foo() {
> = 3;
>   }
> is vulnerable to some ${person} going --
>   function foo() {
>     var global = /* something else */
> = 3; /* now not the *real* global; system fails! */
>   }

You can make the same case for any variable. This is just lexical scope 
in action. The meaning of a variable reference is its innermost lexical 
binding. If you shadow a variable, it's shadowed.

Erik, was this your concern?


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