Decimal operator behaviors

Sam Ruby rubys at
Wed Aug 27 12:47:40 PDT 2008

A few days ago, we had an extensive discussion, primarily about strict
equality, mixed binary double / decimal quad operations and the typeof
operator.  Perhaps there are other issues that we haven't explored
just yet: the behavior of instanceof or constructors, perhaps?

I've updated my SpiderMonkey branch based on my understanding of the
outcome of the past few days of discussion, and would appreciate any
input that people may have on any other operators.  To facilitate this
discussion, I've produced the following sets of tables:

The parts above the line are simply the output from the test tool,
which shows that the results in the tables below actually do represent
running code.  The tables below the line are organized by
specification section, and demonstrate a number of permutations of
data types and ES operators.

Once this discussion is complete, I'll produce similar tables for
named methods (both instance and "static").  I imagine that this
latter exercise will generate considerably less discussion.

- Sam Ruby

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