online es-decimal demo

Sam Ruby rubys at
Tue Aug 26 08:05:34 PDT 2008

user: brendan, password: cowlishaw

Instructions should be relatively self evident.  Enter a bunch of 
expressions, one per line.  Click submit.  See results.  Alter 
expressions.  Repeat.

Implementation notes:

This simply is a CGI that shells out to a version of SpiderMonkey with 
decimal support added.  This code is at an alpha level at best.  It may 
produce incorrect results.  It may trap.

I've tried SpiderMonkey with the -i parameter and capturing the results, 
but it seems to batch up the echoing of the input followed by all of the 
output.  So, for now, I'm simply wrapping each line in print(...); and 
passing the whole stream to the shell.  Yes, this makes testing of 
things like for loops difficult.  If anybody on this list has a 
suggestion, let me know.

Security notes:

Yes, I'm aware that many of you who follow this list know that what I'm 
providing is a dumb idea.  You know it.  I know it.  There is no need to 
show off.  But offline suggestions are welcome.


 From time to time I will be updating this to the latest code.  If I get 
hacked (this host is not the one that serves my blog), the service will 
be taken down.  Eventually, I will be taking this down anyway.  But for 
now, feel free to play.

Testing cases:

What I'm really hoping for is test cases.  Find some output that is 
wrong and let me know.  I'm starting to build SpiderMonkey test cases, 
which ultimately are a simple matter of pairs of expressions and 
expected results.

- Sam Ruby

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